Top Selling Products For Men In 2019

Online shopping is now so prevalent and convenient that is it actually easier for us to see what products are in demand and we can therefore devise strategies on what we could sell ourselves. Over the past few years we have had different types of new technology such as a drones become mainstream and widely available, and we are starting to see products that were previously not available to the general public, become popular. Here are some of the top selling products for men this year.



These are in increasing demand thanks to smoking bans; the absence of tar compared to normal cigarettes, as well as the never-ending price hikes. Vapes have become fashionable thanks to the many different flavours, appealing to a younger crowd and making these some of the best-selling products for 2019. While the health benefits may be disputed, what is not is their increasing popularity.


Game consoles

The popularity of Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One are still increasing, even though it is fairly late in their life cycle. An abundance of great games as well as the console’s multi-purpose use where you can stream shows and browse the internet, mean game consoles are still one of the best-selling products for men this year.


Functional clothing

It is becoming more important to the consumer that their clothing does more than look and feel good. While this doesn’t diminish the need for stylish clothing, there is an increasing desire for them to look good and work well. Think about the implementation of nano protection than can be sprayed or washed into clothing, without in any way altering the appearance, but allowing them to be repellent againse liquid. Finding a good looking raincoat for men isn’t difficult, but one with exceptional performance in bad weather, that is a bit more tricky. Brands such as Rains are able to offer both of these at a surprisingly affordable price.


Casual sneakers

Gone are the days of sneakers only being worn for physical exercise; they have finally crossed over into casual wear and in some cases, even into the office place. Simple and understated designs, supreme comfort, and relaxed workplace dress codes have all contributed to the rise in demand for casual sneakers, and this is evident with them being one of the top mens products this year.


Wireless headphones

Sure, wireless headphones have been around for sometime now, but it has definitely been the Apple Airpods that have been the driving force behind their recent surge in popularity. No more tangled headphone wires, the ability to listen to put your phone down and still listen, as well as their generally sleek looks, it looks like the demand for wireless headphone this year won’t be slowing down.