Why Waterproof Bags Are Essential For College Students

Summer may be approaching fast but that doesn’t mean it’s time to put away your waterproof garments and accessories. In fact, it is advisable to always use bags and cases that are waterproof, or at least water resistant. Nowadays, technology has brought us to point where these items are not any bigger or heavier than a non-waterproof product, and this is thanks treating items with nano particles, allowing them to become repel water without adding on any extra weight. College students in particular could gain the most from using waterproof backpacks, and we will look into various reasons why this is so.


  1. Your (many) books are expensive 

Being required to purchase certain books for certain units, and multiplying this by being in college for 3-4 years, means you wouldn’t be wrong to say you spend a fortune on books alone! And with their high resale value, it is important that you keep them in top condition to achieve this. Do yourself a favour and carry them in a waterproof backpack to negate the likely chance you’ll at some point get caught up in a shower or spill your drink on your bag.

Many waterproof bags are also made of thicker and robust material in order to keep the water out. This can be very useful when carrying around many heavy books, which over time, can take their toll on the bag.


  1. Every electronic device you have will thank you

I have lost count of how many times I have damaged electronic devices by not taking precautionary measures to protect them. Sure, nowadays I have gadget insurance as a fall back in case I break or lose my items, but paying a premium to have them replaced is much pricier than having, for example, a reliable waterproof backpack to protect my laptop and accessories, not to mention much less of an inconvenience. Not having graduated from college too long ago, I still remember how carefree (or careless depending on your perspective) I was, so I wasn’t always prepared for sudden changes in the weather. My waterproof backpack was essential for keeping my gadgets safe.


  1. Bags generally are multi-purpose, so you can use them more often

While I used to baulk at some of the prices for quality waterproof bags, I came to the realisation that it’s not always about the price, but how much value you can extract from it. When I was younger I wouldn’t have even considered an expensive bag, but as my appreciation for quality grew, I began to see that while a bag could potentially be an expensive one time purchase, if I use it multiple times per week over the course of a few years, it has a low cost-per-wear. Consider using this formula when making decisions on whether to buy clothes or not. See formula below:

Cost Per Wear = Purchase Price/Total Wears