Planning My Next Salon Visit

It’s been a few months since my last visit to the salon. Back in January 2019, I got my hair coloured and trimmed with a new stylist, since then its grown out a bit. To be honest, it looks too long for my facial features. Since this new stylist charges an arm and a leg for a cut, I was looking for another option. Upon further deliberation, I decided to go back to my old stylist and get my hair cut into a familiar but no longer trendy, lob (also known as the long bob).

Now, George and I have a history, he is my go to stylist at French inspired salon in the metro. Things were great between us until my last cut with him turned disastrous (I thought I could pull off bangs AND a bob). To be fair, in my head it looked great and when George told me I could pull anything off… I thought I could, but alas it was not for me. I ended up looking like a five year old at client meetings. And believe me, it’s not a look you want to have when trying to be taken seriously. So, after thinking long and hard about it, I decided to go back out of loyalty and give him another shot. After all, it isn’t his fault my features are too soft to pull off bangs.

Normally, I’d just walk into the salon and ask for him but my last few visits were unsuccessful as he was always with another client or on his day off. A week after another unsuccessful try, I sat at home and finally decided to set an appointment online through one of the salon’s online booking systems. I headed to the salon’s Instagram account and found that there was a button that said “Book.” Great! I thought, now I can finally schedule an appointment! After clicking the button, I was redirected to a services menu with the complete list of services available. I found the haircut option and clicked on that. I was then brought to a calendar with time options, I could select for my preferred schedule. Afterwards, I was brought to an info sheet page where I had to put in my contact details. Finally, I was done! The next thing I had to do was wait for the email confirmation. And I did. I waited and waited and after a day or so I still didn’t get a confirmation. What was this? My patience eventually failed me and I decided to just directly message the salon and wouldn’t you know it, I got an instant reply!

Needless to say, I went through all that effort for no reason at all, but it was all worth it. My hair appointment is scheduled for next week and I’m ready to take another plunge and face a new look. Wish me luck!