Five Must-have Items for your Kid Starting Secondary School

So your kiddo has finally made it to secondary school. You’ve been taking them to school everyday for the past six years and watched them grow day-by-day, but now it’s time to give them some independence. We may remember when it was our time, our parents trusting us to make our way there and back safely; the commute to a completely new world with many new friends to be made, and the desire to prove we were independent and could handle all of that on our own. As a parent it’s the start of the inevitable, and something which many of us struggle to get used to. What do they get up to? Who do they hang out with? Many questions that you’ll get the answer to in time, but for now, it’s time to let them go. What you can have a say in, however, is what you give your kid to make life a little bit easier for them. Below are five items you should consider giving them when they start secondary school.

1) A waterproof backpack

These weren’t common in my time, but how I wish they were. It would have saved me from a lot of wet textbooks and P.E clothing that come with being a slightly irresponsible and absent-minded, kid. Not only is a waterproof backpack great for if they’re caught up in the rain on the way to or from school, but it also protects their belongings from innocuous incidents like spilling drinks on them. This is a must-have item.

2) A multi-coloured ball pen

It definitely should not be an expensive one either! A multi coloured pen would probably be the most useful daily tool for your kid, and expect to go through many of these every year. Save them the hassle of switching pens everytime they need to change colour and give them those pens with four different colours in them. Remember how many pens you used to go through in school, either by using them, lending them out and never having it returned, or generally misplacing them? Learn from the off that expensive pens and the majority of teenagers don’t mix!

3) Sturdy black shoes

Now, you’ll know that once they hit puberty you’ll be buying new clothes as often as you cook hot dinners, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in a sturdy pair of shoes. They will literally spend all day in these shoes so not only should they be comfortable, but they should stand the rigours of running around the playground and impromptu games of football on concrete!

4) A reusable water bottle

Not just reserved for adults, everyone regardless of age should be keeping themselves well hydrated. A study has shown that concentration in class is much higher when students are hydrated, and this is a great chance for you to teach them about the environmental impact of using single-use plastics. Not only will they save money (which you could add to their pocket money) by not buying water bottles, but there will be less waste generated and ending up in the landfill.

5) A raincoat

A light, quick-drying raincoat is an essential for keeping your kid and their uniform dry. Such simple precautions can ensure they don’t get sick as easily and miss any days off school!